Comienza el AIR Tour europeo que emulará el mismo tour que se hizo en Estados Unidos a bordo de un autobús. En este caso el medio de transporte elegido es un tren y la primera cita será en Madrid el 31 de Marzo.

En este tour varios expertos de Adobe venidos de diferentes rincones del mundo nos enseñará in Situ que es y cuales son las posibilidades de creación de la nueva plataforma AIR.

Esta será la agenda.

[9:15] Doors Open

Registration, meet and greet, discussion and Q & A. Beverages and light breakfast will be provided.

[10:00] Keynote (Enrique Duvos)

Enrique Duvos, a Senior Platform Evangelist at Adobe, provides an introduction to Adobe AIR and how it fits into the Adobe technology platform, and the larger RIA landscape. This session will be presented in Spanish.

[10:30] Building your first Adobe AIR application with Adobe Flex (Mike Chambers)

Learn how to setup your development environment and build your first AIR application using Flex 3 and Flex Builder 3.

[11:10] Building your first AIR application with HTML and JavaScript (Kevin Hoyt)

After this session you will know how to setup the Adobe AIR SDK to allow you to develop and package AIR applications from the command line. You will also be able to leverage the Adobe AIR command line tools to enable development of HTML and JavaScript based applications. Finally, the session will demonstrate built in support for AIR development from Adobe Dreamweaver and the Eclipse based Aptana.

[11:40] Break

[11:55] Leveraging HTML and JavaScript within Adobe AIR (Kevin Hoyt)

Gain a better understanding of the HTML and JavaScript environments within Adobe AIR, and explore how these technologies can be leveraged in both Flash / Flex and HTML / JavaScript-based applications. JavaScript and ActionScript script bridging will be covered, as well as how to use AIR, Flash Player and ActionScript Library APIs directly from JavaScript.

[12:35] Deploying and Updating AIR Applications (Serge Jespers)

Packaging, deploying and updating your application are probably the most important basics you’ll need to know about. Serge will show you how to use Flex Builder 3 and the command line tools to sign and package your application, how to use the install badge, create custom install badges and how to keep your application up to date.

[13:00] Lunch

Lunch will be provided. Use this time to recharge your (and your laptop’s) batteries, chat with other developers and speakers, catch up on email, or hang out in the lounge.

[13:45] Adobe AIR API Overview (Daniel Dura)

Receive an overview of the new APIs that Adobe AIR makes available to applications. Both ActionScript and JavaScript examples will be shown.

[14:15] Data Intensive Enterprise AIR Applications (Enrique Duvos)

The need to optimize data handling and transfers in RIAs has become increasingly important in Enterprise applications. During this session Enrique will take a look at how the combination of Adobe AIR’s offline local caches via SQLite, and its native connectivity to Adobe Livecycle Data Services data management services, gives developers a powerful framework to deliver data intensive RIAs outside the browser. This session will be presented in Spanish.

[14:45] Break

[15:05] HTML / JavaScript desktop applications on Adobe AIR. (Chris Brichford)

Learn how add desktop functionality to an HTML application running on Adobe AIR on the desktop. Learn about using the drag and drop API, the file system API, and other Adobe AIR APIs from HTML.

[15:35] Using JavaScript Frameworks in AIR Applications (Andre Charland)

Learn how to leverage JavaScript libraries and Frameworks to build HTML and JavaScript-based AIR applications.

[16:10] Break

[16:30] AIR Conditioning (Lee Brimelow)

Join Lee Brimelow as he shares his experiences developing a wide range of AIR projects, from simple widgets to larger applications that enable users to interact with software on a more intimate level on the desktop. Lots of prototypes and code will be shown to help get you up to speed with AIR development.

[17:15] Networking / Gaming / Q & A / Food and Drinks

Grab a drink and a bite to eat, and chat with speakers and other developers interested in developing with Adobe AIR.

[18:00] Doors Close

Una nota: Todas las conferencias se impartirán en inglés.

Si te interesa asistir puede registrarte a través de la web de Adobe.